Saturday, 12.07.2008

Well, not much writen here for a while, but work goes on.

The attic is nearly finished after many days and nights of scratching around in the ceiling. I didn’t really have an idea how long it would take, but it seems to have stretched on quite long. Although there were gaps of a couple of weeks between work days where I didn’t get anything done.

The longest and most time consuming part was putting up the walls and ceiling. For that I used tongue and groove paneling. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and the end result is quite good. But without a nail-gun it wasn’t much fun.

And the most annoying part was that after many calculations and recalculations of area to be covered I discovered in the end that I had forgotten to include the ceiling in the area to be covered with the paneling!

Seems that the wood run out before the wall did.   It's going to be a bit draughty like this.

So needless to say we had to pay another visit to the hardware shop and get some more wood. This time though we had to manage with getting it home on the roof rack instead of having it delivered. Although we did also need some more wood for the door frames and some for the shelving as well. In the end it actually took two visits to collect everything. Got some floor panels to use as doors as well. They were as thick as the plywood sheets I was planning to use, but a much more manageable size and cheaper as well. But hopefully that is the last thing we need to buy. Lugging stuff around on the roof racks isn’t much fun.

With most of the attic closed in it wasn’t possible to get anything long up the stairs any more, so it had to come up through the hatch above the car-port. Luckily it is still possible to get things up there although there isn’t much space to maneuver, so the paneling has to be the right way around the first time.

The next up was the door frames and end walls. Thinking about it now, the design I had was probably the wrong one. It worked out that each panel had to be cut separately to the correct length and with an angled end. I’m not sure how it would have been possible to do it otherwise, but without all the cutting it would have been much less work. Still, it looks quite good in the end.

All I need now is a door.   A neeeked wall.

The state of things at the moment is that both end walls are done. All the architraving I wanted in place along the top of the walls and around the doors is finished. One set of shelves is in place and I’m working on another two. Those shelves should be finished tomorrow with any luck. Then there comes the railing around the stair hole, some air vents and the doors at each end. Then maybe we can start piling all our junk there…