A big girl now

Lilli is already over 6 months old now and a pretty big girl now (relatively speaking :-).

Couch potato

The last of her puppy teeth came out a couple of months ago and her new ones are much improved. Bigger and less sharp, so less likely to poke holes in hands when playing games. Even the strongest of toys are no match for her new teeth. This one lasted about 5 minutes before bits were coming off.

Lasted about 5 minutes

With the coming of spring Lilli likes to be outside as much as possible, guarding the yard from birds and other dangerous animals. You never know when the house will be attacked by a rabid wagtail or a killer butterfly.

Watch out.

Thursday was May Day, and it has just gotten hotter every day reaching a peak today. So this weekend has been a bit too hot outside, even for Lilli. Although she just needs a brief break inside before the guarding continues.

Oh, the heat.

Today there was a thunderstorm which was quite scarey and required hiding behind the armchair inside, but once that passed there was a nice spring shower. It was the first rain in a few weeks and a bit daunting at first.

To get wet or not?

But after a while it became necessary to get wet.

It's raining!

After all that, even though she is a big girl now, she still likes nothing better than a cuddle.