Tuesday, 07.07.2005

The heat has really turned on the last week. Its been well over 20 now since before last weekend. Bit warm in our yard, but it gave a good chance to finish the bulk of the painting.

Last weekend was a bit of a painting marathon. Finished both end walls using our new 5.5m ladder. Had to do both under the eaves in white and then the walls in green. Bit of a worry what between the ladder being a bit wobbly at full extension and the @”&! wasps that have taken a liking to living in the eaves. Seems that they enjoy the smell of acrylic paint as well :-(. Had to work around the sun shining on the two walls as well, but managed to finish everything by Sunday evening. That only leaves the window frames on the two end walls and the back wall. Had to grab a couple extra 9 litre cans of paint as well and it looks like it will be just enough for everything.

And after a bit of prodding and a grumpy letter later the earthmoving company has finally come to finish off the main landscaping work. They have had a little digger here a couple of days now and have managed put in all the crushed fill for the driveway and front yard as well as around the house and where the back paved area will be. They have also smoothed off all the front and back yards and generally cleaned things up. Still waiting on the concrete caps for the sewage tank, etc, but I guess they should be doing that soon.

The guttering went up during the last couple of weeks as well, so that is just about everything that we need help with. The landscaping, gardening, and paving we will be doing/arranging ourselves over the next couple of years. Hopefully we can get the paving around the back done this summer though. Need load of soil for the grass sometime as well.

A couple of pictures of our new guttering,

Raindrops are falling on my...   No rain here!

the painting,

The painting goes on...

and the half completed yard work.

Dinky little digger

BBQs in the sun soon!