Colours of summer

Just got back from an evening walk along the road. Its still about 21 this evening and the scent of the lupins out front is very strong.

The last few week all the wild flowers have come out in bloom starting with the dandelions and then the lupins and buttercups and many more I don’t know. We were thinking about spreading some wild flowers ourselves along the road, but it looks like we don’t have to bother.

The other side of the road from our driveway is covered in lupins and they have spread alongside our driveway as well. There is plenty of other flowers sprung up in the last few days as well. Shame that some of them will probably have to go when the final landscaping is done :-(.

Wild flowers

Buttercups?!?   Lupins, lupins, everywhere   Our neighbours have even more!

Still a bit rough on occasion though. We had a reasonably strong wind from the north the other day and it managed to knock one of our trees over! Even though it had come out in leaf this summer I think it was partly rotten and had probably been damaged sometime during the building. One of the small pines in the back yard we were going to keep seems to have died as well, most likely a victim of the earlier earth moving.