Wednesday, 07.07.2004

Were at the section again yesterday, not too much to see, but the fireplace has been finished. Another coat of plaster and all the metalwork in place.

The floor seems to be drying quite well. At least wet patches don’t appear so easily now when something sits on the floor, so hopefully that is a good sign.

The heat exchanger/hot water unit has arrived as well, so probably the installation of that starts soon too. The interior walls are still being done, some more of the lining has gone up and the brickwork should be next. I think the electrician will be back in a week or so as well.

Had a meeting on Monday with our interior planner and went over some colors and materials for the interior. Next thing is to check out what we can afford and were to get it from. We probably should start on finding the appliances as well (fridge, freezer, dishwasher, etc). The oven/range comes with the kitchen and the range hood is part of the ventilation system, but the others we need to get ourselves.

Pictures for the day, the fireplace from front and back and more of the completed lining – by the main entrance. The back of the fireplace is not covered since it sits in the corner and will be hidden by the walls.

Ready for the first sacrificial fire...   Thats a pile of bricks - heavy too!   Walls, walls and more walls.