Saturday, 17.07.2004

Been away for a few days, but back again now and been working at the section Friday and today.

Quite a few things being done in the house at the moment. The interior brick walls around the sauna and bathroom are almost completed and the much of the wiring has been done. The wiring includes all the lighting, telephone and computer network. Actually it pretty much looks like an explosion in a spaghetti factory with all the cables hanging everywhere. We found out from the electrician that the halogen lamps in the ceiling are not as easy to install as we thought, or at least the height of the lamp unit is a slight problem. There needs to be about a 10cm gap, which means that they are must be located in the centre of the space between the intersection of the rafters and ceiling batons, where the insulation can be pushed out of the way. That will affect the lighting design we had, especially in the entrance/hallway. Simplest solution is just to reduce the number of lights.

Also discovered last week that the fireplace is not actually completed yet. Part of the chimney is missing still. It was delivered early during the week. We have a location for the mailbox now, unfortunately it is on the other side of the road about 20 metres away where our other neighbours mailboxes are located :-(. Long way to get the paper in the morning…

Materials are running a bit low as well now. We probably have to order more bricks soon, the amount there is not enough to complete the second bathroom. We also need a bit more framing for the remaining interior walls.

Outside we have cleared the last of the trees ready for the landscaping to be completed. The earthmoving guys should be coming back in the next week or so and flattening out the yard and digging the trench to the well. There was one pile of felled trees and a couple of paju (willow) in the way. Twenty minutes with the chainsaw earlier in the week fixed them and a couple of afternoons with the axe and the choppy uppy machine (oksasilppuri) took care of the felled wood and the offcuts.

Outside on Friday, newly cleared area to the very left. The carport is pretty much empty as well, everything moved inside.

Yard, clear at last.

The interior on Friday, from the left: Main bedroom marked off (with bathroom wall started), sauna/bathroom brick walls nearly up, bathroom/sauna door, lighting cabling in place, and the heat exchange unit yet to be unpacked.

Can just about move in already :-)   Sauna walls and bathroom, looking from living room through "fireplace room".   Looking through sauna bathroom to laundry.   I wonder which cable goes where...   Hopefully this thing actually works...