Hot dog

Lilli tried out the sauna!


Not for long though. She had been wondering where we disappeared to every few days and would frequently sit outside and bark if she could hear us talking. So today she followed us in and sat on the floor. We didn’t want that she burnt herself on the oven so we lifted her onto the lowest bench and she happily lay there for a while. But being the restless sort she didn’t stay long.

In other news we fitted a gate across the gap between the kitchen and living room. That means we can block Lilli in the kitchen and laundry if we are out or need to restrict her. The kitchen has become her second bed after her basket in our bedroom.

Speaking of which, she is now sleeping in her own bed again. She started sleeping with us at Christmas while we were away and we didn’t want it to become a habit. Particularly since the first 10 minutes of bed time were spent playing and biting everthing that moves.

But after three nights of crying and sulking she is back in her own bed. She still wants to climb up each night, but after being told no and to go to bed she is soon asleep in her own basket. Not that she can last the whole night without a toilet stop though. But she wakes us up around 3 with the news that she went to the toilet and we should clean it up. Thoughtfully enough, she usually manages to go on the newspaper laid out for her.

It is hard to say no to her though.

Pretty please?!