Christmas lunch in the air

As we have done several times over the last few years we went out for a Christmas buffet lunch today.

This year we went to Ravintola Haikaranpesä, which is on top of one of the many water towers around the city. This one is on top of the UFO shaped Haukilahti water tower in Espoo.

Of course one of the attractions of a place like that is the view.

A view to the east

Luckily the weather was actually quite good at the time considering there is a storm approaching. And as the afternoon got on a bit we had quite a nice sunset. Of course sunset at the moment isn’t much past 3pm :-).

Sunset to the south west

The restaurant has 360 degree wrap around windows. About the only thing missing would be that it rotates. But at least having to go outside to take pictures meant being able to walk off each course…

Windows all around