Keeping it all inside

Not a lot of success at that lately.

Last week Lilli was throwing up for a couple of days starting on Tuesday. Thursday she was still not looking so good, so a visit to the vet was required. Not much of a verdict except that she was now a bit gummed up inside after the vomiting. After some poking and prodding, none of which she appreciated much, it was home again. A few €€€ lighter and with advice to give her something to make her move and to lose a couple of kilos :-).

This week it is Mimmi’s turn. She started throwing up in the middle of the night all over the bed. She couldn’t keep anything in today either, except she was also throwing up spots of blood and generally sulking. Another visit to the vet and more poking and prodding. Mimmi was upset and Lilli was just happy it wasn’t her turn this time. Verdict this time was that she probably has the same upset belly Lilli had, cause unknown. So, some more €€€ lighter, and some medicine to settle her belly with some feeding instructions for the next few days.

The moral of the story is that dog vomit is stinky…