Green no more :-(

Seems I have been neglecting this site for a while and things broke. Well, actually the W3C now started validating meta tags and this CMS produces one that isn’t listed. Not a big problem in the scope of things I guess.

Anyway that started me thinking that I should probably migrate this whole thing to something like WordPress. Probably I will once I get my hosting upgraded and double check that they actually support it.

In the mean time I started playing with this site again. First thing was to fix up the JavaScript a bit. I also added the ability to go to next/previous articles inside one section. Done with a little AJAX magic and some history altering. Unfortunately it seems the wrapper library for history doesn’t actually work with IE10, so if you have upgraded already I apologize :-(. It isn’t actually needed at all in IE10 anyway since it natively supports HTML5 history. I’ll have to let the developer know…