Depths of winter

Our girl is well past her second birthday.

And of course birthdays are a time for contemplation.

Or watching some TV.

Maybe with a few snacks.

Now the seasons have changed. The long walks in the summer sun have gone and in their place have come quick excursions in -15C temperatures and blowing snow. In Lilli’s opinion these aren’t so much fun, especially when you have lumps of ice and snow stuck to your belly!

On the sunny days it is nice to be out, although this year there isn’t much to hunt and the snow is so deep that even that isn’t as much fun as last year. Even four leg drive doesn’t help so much.

It is a little easier in the back yard now that there is a fence and Lilli can run free. Although this winter it sort of limits the possibilities for running.

So it is usually easier just to keep an eye on the neighbours.