Saturday, 06.06.2009

Nothing major going on, but a few garden things and a bit of repair work.

At the back of the vegetable garden we put in a raised garden made from peat bricks. And in that we planted some asparagus. Our vegetable garden is starting to grow as well now. Even the potatos are coming up.

Asparagas garden   Chip in the ground...

The flower garden has also been cleaned up and the brickwork repaired. The bricks are too light to survive the winter freezing, so I tried cementing them in place to see if it helps. The garden itself was cleaned up and rearranged. Hopefully it can stay this tidy.

Here a brick, there a brick.

Our fruit trees are flowering again, although apart from a few cherries, I doubt if we get much. The first of the trees in the picture (an apple tree) was almost complete ring barked by moles during the winter. But their damage didn’t go so deep and it doesn’t go completely around, so hopefully it survives. It seems to be doing okay at the moment. The next is our cherry tree and finally our little pine. The pine was looking pretty sad for the first couple of years after the house was built and the ground around it was disturbed, but it seems to be growing quite strongly now.

Not much cider coming off here.   9 cherries last year!   Our very own Christmas tree.