Life and times of a hunter

Turns out that Lilli is quite an avid hunter.

Ever since autumn arrived we have had an abundance of small furry animals around the yard and forest. Mostly forest mice and field voles. And it seems that both are quite easy prey when you have good hearing and a sensitive nose. Especially during the last couple of weeks there has been quite cold temperatures and little snow. Without anywhere to hide the yard has been quite full of mobile snacks. And Lilli has made the most of it. For a few days she managed to grab a several during her excursions outside. The flower garden has been a particularly fruitful location.

Snack hunting in the garden

But on our trips to the forest she has also found some success.

Snack hunting in the forest

But lately with the arrival of snow things have been a bit more difficult. Although that doesn’t stop her from trying.

Snack hunting in the snow