Sunday, 04.05.2008

With the coming of spring so starts more work. First up for this year is the attic. The attic will be unheated storage space built into the ceiling space. The rafters already had a space designed into them to be used for this and between the ventilation pipes and the chimney we have about 10 metres of space there, but the attic itself is about 7-8 metres long. We had always planned to build it there, but it has taken quite a long time to get started.

Of course nothing goes as expected. A couple of weeks ago when we decided to actually do something we ordered all the wood we needed. Pine tongue and groove floor boards and panelling for the walls. Both as cheap as we could get. Of course the day they delivered our near 1000€ of wood we found an advert for exactly the same stuff for half the price on sale…

Putting down the floorboards was quite simple once I worked out to knock them into place with the hammer and an offcut of boarding. Although most of the boards were twisted, so it took a bit of work to get them in place sometimes. The biggest problem is the hole in the ceiling where the steps come up. That took quite a lot of messing around to build a nice frame enclosing the hole.

Lots of grooves, not much tongue.   I hope that insulation isn't toxic...   Mind the gap.

But after a few scratchy evenings of jumping from rafter to rafter the floor was finished.

Mind the gap part II.   A nice dancing floor for the mice.

Next up is the wall/ceiling panelling.