Friends and fun

Lilli has had her second visit to the vet now. The first was a month ago and the second just last week. Both visits were for her vaccinations. With both those complete she can now meet other dogs.

That presents a bit of a problem since Lilli finds that other dogs are extremely interesting and very scary. So there is a lot of jumping around and running away involved. Hopefully that should be solved soon though as we have booked her into puppy lessons starting from next week.

While at the vet we managed to weigh her properly. The first time she was just over 4kg and the second time was 5.25kg. The vet recommended we take her off puppy food and already start her on adult food since she is growing so fast. That is supposed to be quite common for her breed. Fortunately the adult kibbles we got turned out to be pretty much her favourite food (most of the time).

Also last week she lost the first of her puppy teeth, the two top front ones. No sign yet of any others coming out though. She has grown quite a lot and one side effect is that her reach has increased quite a lot and she takes advantage of it to grab anything she can get her teeth around. She had been quite well behaved (mostly) up until last week, so it might be a side effect of teething, or just wanting attention. But we will see if we can it out of her.

The winter has been pretty warm and wet and generally yucky which, for the most part, has resulted in an extremely dirty dog every time we went out for a walk. The worst part is that the road grit and dust from the studded winter tyres didn’t wash off.

Dirty dog.

Lilli didn’t appreciate it much either since being dirty involves getting baths.

The last few days though have been a complete change. It snowed about 10cm during the weekend and then nearly another 5cm yesterday. Lilli was in a white heaven! There is nothing so much fun as being up to your butt in snow 🙂

See dog run   See dog jump   See dog covered in snow

And final compulsory cute puppy picture.

Ohhh, cute little puppy