Lilli doesn’t get long to settle in before we were away for a few days over Christmas. Which, unfortunately meant quite a long car trip.

She had settle in quite well for the first few days and was playing with her toys and sleeping in her own bed (with a bit of encouragement). She was pretty much making herself at home, although she wasn’t saying much. She had started to explore a bit more, especially around the back yard, but she is still pretty timid at times.

Nice pillow

For the car trip we got her a travel box. It is quite big, but should also do when she is fully grown. The trip itself went quite well with just a couple of stops along the way. Most of the time was spent sleeping, either in a lap or in her box.

Christmas went quite well too, although with the stress of being in a strange place again she wanted to be as close to us as possible, especially at night. That was a bad move. Christmas in Varkaus can be quite cold, but this year it was barely below zero with no snow. But that was cold enough for Lilli. She started shivering quite quickly when out. So that was a good excuse for a couple of Christmas presents.

Grrrrr   Brrrrr.

Not that she appreciated it much. But she didn’t shiver so much any more.