Sailing away

The Tall Ships race was passing through Finland again this year. It was in Helsinki a few years ago and this time in Kotka, a port town a couple of hours drive to the east. We went there the morning they were leaving on the next leg of the race and were hoping to see them all before they left. Unfortunately quite many had already put out to sea and were leaving the harbour entrance when we arrived, but the some of the others were still just leaving when we arrived, including both of the largest.

Both the largest and second largest sailing ships in the world were there, both Russian ships. The largest, Sedov, was already out in the harbour.


The second largest, Kruzenshtern left just after we arrived. It had to be towed out by tugs, but the crew manned the sails while passing along side the docks which looked quite impressive.


Of the other ships still docked one of the nicest looking was a Norwegian one, Statsraad Lehmkuhl.

Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Most of the sailing ships are used now for training and it is also possible to book trips on most of them.