Wednesday, 25.04.2007

And so it begins for another spring.

During the dry spells over the last few days we spent the time outside spent digging holes in the yard and pulling out old tree stumps. The holes were for the outside lighting on the back patio and next to the driveway. The stumps are in the front yard where there will be a garden.

Yesterday the electrician was here installing the cabling for the lights and connecting them all up.While the electrician was here he also installed the full warning sensor on our septic tank and did a few repairs to the thermostat system that controls the floor heating. The electrician’s bill was already in the mailbox today. I didn’t believe that the post could work that fast.

During the evening after work yesterday we set the lights in place and filled  in the holes. Everything seemed quite vertical at the end, hopefully they will stay that way.

So now around the back there are two lights along the end of the patio. The edges where the cabling is buried still needs tidied up and grass sown.

Let there be light!

Sometime in the next couple of days a truckload of dirt will arrive. That should be enough to get the flower garden started and cover over the worst of the rough ground out front. The two lights are mounted along the two ends of where the garden will go. The rest of the area will be covered with dirt and some grass sown there to fill in between the trees. Eventually there will probably be some sort of path and steps up the right to near the top of the driveway. Hopefully in winter it will be a bit better than sliding down an icey driveway. Along the edge will be some brickwork like there is starting from the rubbish hut. Those need to be ordered soon as well.

Flowers still to come...