Thursday, 13.07.2006

The garden and the patio are both mostly done now.

We finished off laying the paving stones a couple of weeks ago and last week put in the wood surround. A week ago we got the first of the plants for the garden and today we picked up a few more plants and have now filled in most of the garden. Picked up a few bags of sand for between the paving stones. Managed to get about 2/3rds of the patio done today. Last weekend also started filling in around the edges of the patio with dirt to bring up the grass level a bit.

Almost done...

We also installed an irrigation hose just under the surface since it is such a dry, hot, location. I think most years it will be quite hot there. I guess this summer is quite normal for here, if a little drier than normal. We have had 25+ degrees daily now for a few weeks and barely a sign of any rain. The grass is looking a bit bare and dead in places as well.

A small beginning to the garden.

Last week, we started on the edging of the driveway with the leftover bricks from the garden wall. Looks quite good for a start, but needs a few more bricks to finish the whole edge.

Cleans up the edge a bit.