Furry friends

Strange experience the other day.

We were standing on the back porch when Pia spotted a small brown thing running across the ground beside the house directly towards us. First thought was rat, but it was much too furry and moved quite slowly. It ducked under the barbeque and I grabbed the camera and came back out to investigate.

If I stick my head here noone can see me!

When I lifted up the cover it ran (rather slowly) around the edge of the porch before stopping next to the house.

Spotted!   Quick, where can I hide!

It didn’t appreciate being watched so closely, so eventually decided to hide again.

Safe at last...

Obviously it isn’t the brightest spark around. Once we left it alone for a while it disappeared somewhere.

We never did find out what it was. The closest thing we can work out is that it was a Piisami (Muskrat in English). Since it was about 30cm long it might have been a young one.