Its turning into a regular zoo around here.

For a week after the snow disappeared it was bird migration time. We had several species of small bird stopping off in our yard, up to 9 at one time. It has quietened off now and we are back to the normal local birds. The highlight being a couple of wood peckers who provide entertainment while trying to help themselves to the balls of bird feed. In particular because they can’t quite reach it while hanging onto the pole.


We have also had a hare visiting that we nicknamed Dinner. It was here several evenings last week, often for hours at a time, snacking on our lawn. Although we haven’t seen it this weekend.

The other morning before work I was checking to see if Dinner was around and found a small deer in the yard. Not sure what type it is, either a young whitetailed deer or a forest deer. In either case it was pretty small, not even chest height. Something spooked it just after we spotted it and it shot off into the forest. Luckily I just had time to grab the camera.