Spring snow

Changeable weather lately. Nice and sunny a few days ago to snow showers this morning. Things are melting nicely in most place except for our backyard. Seems to take quite a while to melt here for some reason. This is the first winter we have had the lawn down, so one of the interesting things was that the grass comes out from under the snow still green. Fields around here and the roadsides are just dry and brown at the moment, but the lawn is still bright green, if a little sad looking in places.

On the wildlife front we put up a couple of bird boxes a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think that they would see any use for a while, but within 2 minutes of putting the first one on a tree one of the local Great Tits (Talitiainen) had given it the once over. Bought a book on the local birds, so can finally figure out which is which. Also found a book on animal footprints and signs. Should be good for working out who left all those footprints in the snow.

Caught a couple of rabbits wandering across the backyard the other morning as well. Rather large rabbits… Most probably Easter bunnies :-). I think that I might need a quite tall fence around the vege garden if we start one this year. They could probably jump over anything less than a metre tall I think.

Easter bunnies