Birds and towers

The sun is getting hotter and the snow is melting rapidly leaving big puddles across many of the roads (which means I have to wash the car soon…). Or that was how it was going up till Friday. Then we had another 15cm of snow.

It was a quite impressive set of snow showers that spread across southern Finland during the afternoon and evening. Visibility was down to less than 100 metres at times in the snow showers that blanketed the roads in snow and quickly turned to a layer of slippery icey slush in the traffic. That seemed to upset a few drivers as there were three major multi-car accidents that afternoon, including a one involving 15 cars on one of the ring roads.

The weekend cleared up nicely after the snow though and was back to sunny quite quickly, although cold overnight.

Chilly early morning.

The cold brought out some of the wildlife including one of the local woodpeckers.

Hungry vistors   Larger hungry vistor

During the weekend we were also across Helsinki near where our old apartment was. So while we were there we stopped by to visit a building they have been working on for the last few months. Next to the shopping centre there they have, for some strange reason, decided to build Finland’s tallest building. Its an apartment block 25 stories high. But the problem is that it is within a few metres of the service centre that houses the local doctors and dentists, along with other offices. I can imagine someone has an interesting view from their apartment windows. On the top floors though, it is nearly possible to see across the sea to Estonia.

You could poke someones eye out with that