Footprints in the snow

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Winter has been quite up and down this year with days of plus temps and rain and then down to -25 a week ago. Definitely a bit bracing in the mornings, but interesting to venture outside and find rabbit tracks across the front yard. I bet he had cold feet!

Seems that rabbits aren’t the only things up and about still. Even at -25 many birds are still out as well. Quite a strange feeling standing outside in those temperatures with blue skies and the air sparkling with diamond dust and there are birds are chirping in the trees. Around Christmas as well there was a shrew spotted running around the front yard too. And what appear to be its footprints have appeared a few times. A couple of days ago along the front of the house there were perfect little footprints preserved in the snow, although what they were made by I can’t say, but something about the size of the shrew or mouse. Have to wonder what they find to eat because there isn’t anything obvious above the snow.

Diamond dust sparkling in the air.

Diamond dust sparkling in the air at -22.