Tuesday, 18.10.2005

Had to cut the lawn again the other day! Hopefully that is the last time for this year though. Got the mower and all the bikes in the shed now. Would like to still fit a few more things in there, but might be a bit difficult. Not sure what I can leave out in the cold for winter as well.

Got our clothes line last weekend too. It is made as two frames with line in between and a bar/platform at one end that you can hang mats on to beat them. Put it up at the end of the house and concreted it in. Concrete seems to have set now quite well, so obviously hand mixing it in the wheelbarrow went okay.

In other news we were expecting the earthmoving company to install the concrete rings around the sewage tank lid, etc. But when we came home on Monday they had done something completely different! Installed one steel lid on the sump cover by the carport and covered the two open air pipes on the house sewage and waste water pipes. Haven’t heard anything more from them, but they better not think that they have finished now!

Probably time to do some washing...

These things retail for about 50 EUR!   Hope that stops the smell from the sewage tank!