Thursday, 06.10.2005

Cut the lawn for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I thought that would be it till next year, but unfortunately not! Although the weather has been a bit cool and damp the grass seems to have appreciated it and its still growing quite well. Ground is a bit soft though, so tends to get cut up a bit with the mower.

In other developments we finally got sick of finding places to put things and got a garden shed. We were going to wait till next year and build one ourselves since most of the shop bought ones are pretty flimsy or just ugly. But anyway, we found one sheet steel one that was quite cheap and reasonably large. After a bit of thought we decided to get that and put it up temporarily over winter and then think what to do about it again next year.

Putting up the shed was a bit more work than I thought though. We had to level off some ground and put in gravel to make a base for it and it turned out to be quite a bit of gravel. Mostly we had enough lying around already, but we ended up getting some more, cleaner crushed rock, to fill things in and to put around the house. Putting the shed up took almost a whole weekend as well, and I’m certain the weight of it doubled with the amount of screws it takes to hold it together… But anyway, it is finished and ready to be filled up.

We put the shed off to one side out of the way. No point putting it on top of the new lawn.

Green to match the house

The lawn, which is growing quite happily still,

Growing like there is no tomorrow...

and is looking very green.

Surrounded by an ocean of green