There’s a moose in my garden

Since spring has arrived so have all the animals, and not just the bugs. Rabbits have been popping out all over the place along with squirrels, usually making a mad dash across the roads. But as well as that there are some larger wildlife wandering around out here in the countryside.

Some of the local mooses (elk actually and there was three of them) have made their spring migration across our section heading for their summer patch. We have seen signs of them around before and while building the house, so their seasonal migration path probably includes our section. Don’t know if they move far for summer and winter, but they don’t seem to be here then, only for a time in autumn and spring. Although a bit closer to town we have seen some during winter.

But anyway, going by their departing presents they must have enjoyed a snack or two while they were here 🙂

A moose once bit my ...   See the moose, see the moose run   Hmmm, I remember these from last year

It starts to really feel like spring now too. Although it has been fine and dry for several weeks and quite warm it was quite brown and nothing really growing. After some rain last week the grass shot up everywhere, the local lupins are growing like crazy. It rained overnight a couple of days ago again and this morning suddenly all the birch trees are out in leaf, basically just in the space of 24 hours!

A sprout   Springy greenness