Thursday, 10.03.2005

A little bit of news after quite a long break.

Finished a few more things around the house. The fireplace room is finished now as far as painting, etc goes. Probably needs some curtains at some point, but we have blinds, so it isn’t critical at the moment. We now have the “bottom step” in the sauna. I turned the left over treated wood into a small stool that goes just behind the sauna door. Some of the bits and pieces of stuff that we don’t need is thrown out now and the rubbish skip has gone as well.

Still a couple of things to do. Rearrange the “technical” room so that it can be painted and rearrange the storage room so that everything fits there. I’m not sure how quickly those things will happen though :-).

On a slightly larger scale, the back yard has had its first landscaping done. The digger was here Tuesday night and on Wednesday the yard was flattened out. They came in the middle of winter so that the ground was hard and they don’t sink into the dirt. Sometime during spring they will return with a baby digger and a pile of dirt and fill in all the holes. I’m sure there will be a few since parts of the yard will sink when the snow melts.

The digger and a before and a couple of after shots of the yard from Wednesday.

Big yellow digger!

Snowy yard by sunrise.

Dirty yard by sunset.

A ditch even!