The joy of snow

The thaw has started. It has snowed for a couple of weeks now during the night the temperature rose above freezing. It is up to about 3 degrees now. I have been waiting on it for a while now, but I knew it had started when I woke up this morning to a loud THUMP from outside and then heard the sound of dripping water.

Snow is generally great fun unless you get a sodding great dump of it all at once. Snow at -5 deg and below is really nice, like pure white feathers everywhere, but from -2 to +4 it is thick, wet and heavy and definately not nice. Especially when you have no choice but to move it :-(. On the other hand, wet snow makes good snow balls, dry snow doesn’t!

So this, for your entertainment, is the flip side of Finnish winters…

First the snow all turns to icey slush and starts to slide off the roof…

Slip sliding away..

And eventually it drops off (hopefully not when you are under it). Of course the snow-plough just has to come past and throw the crappy brown stuff down the driveway. And then you have to clean it all up so you can get out of the house.

Drip, drip, drip, thump!   Don't eat the brown snow.   Lots of exercise today.

And then what do you do with it all? You stick it around the side of the house of course!

A big pile of snow.