Nothing much to say…

Well, what can I say. Nothing really. Not much happening at all. Apart from snow, snow, and more snow.

Well, there was the car I guess. Someone drove into the back of it before Christmas and their insurance paid for it to get fixed last week. Only we picked it up on Friday and after keeping it all week they missed a bit. Grrrrr. It goes back there again tomorrow probably for another week. We do get a rental car, but we are supposed to pay 4% of the cost of that. Double grrrrr.

Anyway, last Saturday it was actually fine for a few hours around lunch time, so I took a few pictures. These are the result.

So now I can invite you to take a spin (literally) around our front and back yard.

Click me to view!   Click me to view!

You will need Apple Quicktime to play these. And in case you haven’t seen a Quicktime VR clip before, just click in the image and drag your mouse around to change the view. Ctrl and Shift zoom in and out. I had to keep the file size down, so zooming won’t get you much.