Tuesday, 18.01.2005

Probably not much to report here for a while until spring comes and we start on the yard again.

Since the last entry we have finished off most of the interior work. Although there were only a few things left to do. The final trim/molding around the wooden ceilings in the bathrooms and laundry is up. We bought one 10x pack of wood trim of about 2.5m long which was almost exactly enough for all the ceilings. The architraving around the sauna door has been done as well which pretty much finished all those things. The only bit left is in the fireplace room and is a half round piece for the corner where the brick wall meets the gib-board. There is a gap there that needs to be covered. I will have to paint that piece the same colour as the wall though before putting it in place.

There were a couple of other small touch up jobs that are now done and as of last weekend all the curtain tracks are up as well. I think we probably need to put up something in front of the rail to hide the track and the hooks, but that can wait a while. We even have curtains in some rooms, which looks a little strange at first.

The one major thing left to do is the “technical” room where the heat pump and other such things live. Although that is undercoated now it needs to be touched up, the finishing painting done and skirting boards, etc put in place. Then once that is done the concrete floor can be painted as well. Hopefully that will be done during the next few weeks.

Now that most of the building work is done the storage room can have a proper rearrangement and some of the building materials thrown out. The guttering system and the roof ladder/walkway has still to be put up though, so those things are taking up quite a lot of room still. They will stay there until at least spring, so in the end it is probably nearly summer before everything can be sorted out fully.

Not much in the way of photos at the moment. I hope to do a full “virtual” tour of the house, but that will have to wait for a little while. In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from New Years day.

Midday and still -5.   Gotta watch the step on that driveway!