Saturday, 18.12.2004

Haven’t been very good at this lately :-(. Although not much to tell at the moment either. Things are going pretty smoothly with the house. Still things to do of course, but nothing major.

Most of the stuff now has more to do with cleaning things up and puting everything in its proper place. But that seems to be pretty slow going :-(.

On the actual finishing stuff off subject, there is a few bits and pieces been done now. The flashing under the laundry door entrance is in place now, that just leaves a bit to go on the roof. The front entrance door is now straight in its frame (it was rubbing against the frame). The bits of moulding along the ceiling in the kitchen are back in place now. Part of the trim there had been taken down when the hanging cupboards were put in place. Oh, almost forgot, the new kitchen table and chairs arrive a couple of weeks ago as well and they are all unpacked and in place as well. Makes a bit of a change eating at a 6 seat dining table now :-).

Now all we need are some guests!