Wednesday, 17.11.2004

A busy week, so not much house work done. Although a few bursts of effort since the last entry.

Got the interior doors sorted out. Some were mould damaged because they were delivered far too early and had to be stored outside (because there wasn’t a house to put them in). We are still waiting on an answer from the house company, but it was cheaper to take a plainer model door and replace all of them than to replace the damaged ones with the same model as we had. At the same time we got the doors we also bought a shower wall and installed that last week. We also have a new rubbish bin as well. Now we just need to arrange the rubbish collection :-).

Last weekend got a bit of cleaning done and managed to sort out and throw out most of the building materials, leftovers, etc that had been sitting on the back porch and in the fireplace room. We have had a rubbish skip sitting in the yard for a couple of weeks now, so that is pretty much full. Probably just a bit more rubbish to get rid of and they can take the skip away as too.

The weather has definitely turned to winter now. We had our first real frosts last week and this week it snowed for the first time this season.

A couple of pictures since the last entry. The first frost, back porch before the clean up and our new shower wall.

Bit nippy, but you should see it now :-)   Thats a pile of rubbish!   No more wet floor.