Sunday, 29.11.2004

Pretty busy again all week with work, and Christmas is fast approaching, so Saturday was spent doing shopping, etc. But also some house shopping things as well. Got a few bits and pieces for the house and also ordered our dining table and chairs.

Sunday we managed to finish the pantry shelves and clean up the yard a bit more. For the shelves we bought mounting racks for the walls and brackets, then some white laminated chipboard for the shelves. It took a few hours, but it looks like the shelves will stay on the wall :-). That was one of the major parts still left to do and means that we can rearrange the kitchen a bit and get rid of some of the mess.

During last week Pia arranged glass for the interior doors and that has been installed as well, so now they are pretty much finished too. The fireplace room has been cleaned out and we got a nice mat for it (see the picture :-). Although some little bits still need to be done there as well (along with sorting out the furniture).

Outside everything is well and truely frozen now as well. The was a snow storm in the city centre last weekend, but we missed most of it, but there has been snow off and on here since then and a few days of -10 or so.

The shelves are bare!   Safety glass and all!   Cow road kill...

A bit of a nip in the air today.