Monday, 08.11.2004

We have been here over two weeks now and everything isn’t finished yet, but it is getting close.

It turned out things weren’t quite as finished as we hoped when we moved, but it was enough for us to be able to live here. Over the next few days things got into a bit better shape. The final council inspection was a couple of days after we moved. Luckily they agreed that we could stay :-).

A few hiccups along the way, but everything seems to be working okay now and most things are nearing completion. At least we shouldn’t have any workmen coming here any more.

At the moment all the cupboards are pretty much finished. Fitted all the door handles, etc during the weekend and fixed up the remaining bits and pieces for those. Just a couple of things left to do. The main one is to cover the supports for the bar cupboard that hangs between the living room and kitchen. A couple of sheets of gibboard should take care of that though. The installation of that cupboard took quite a while too, as it wasn’t quite so straight forward as we were lead to believe. Funnily enough, when you are ordering those sort of things they are “no trouble at all to install”.

The work still to be done is to finish off the sauna (which is all hand made and mostly done this weekend) and to clear out the fireplace room and finish off the skirting boards, etc. The next main thing is to put the shelves in the pantry. Then that is just about everything done. After that all we have to do is arrange everything so that we can actually find things!

A couple of pictures of the kitchen and sauna

Just a little more work.   A work of art!

And the mess to clean up…

Hmmm, don't think the vacumn cleaner can handle that.

And the joys of moving…

Good thing we have a dishwasher now.