Wednesday, 13.10.2004

Few things happening since the last entry.

The ceiling in the laundry is pretty much done (with tongue and groove paneling). That leaves the bathroom ceilings and the sauna. But it wasn’t possible to do them because the floors were being laid the last couple of days. The bathroom/sauna is done now, the other bathroom has been laid, but not grouted. The laundry floor is now sealed, but no tiles yet.

Started to do some more wallpapering on Monday evening, but just as we were starting to cut up the paper there was a phone call that a digger and truck load of gravel were about to turn up! The earthmoving guys arrived about 5 minutes later to do the front yard. They had a miniature digger and little tractor and set about ripping up the yard at almost 6pm. We gave up doing anything and went shopping instead and bought some more ceiling paint and the electric stove for the sauna. Just as we left the truck load of gravel turned up, so it was good timing. They also filled in the carport, which had been just over half a metre too low.

Tuesday we were back again and surveyed the driveway and front yard and then back to wallpapering again. This time the remaining wall in the living room.

The pictures from Tuesday, a panorama of the front yard and then our “feature wall” in the living room 🙂

Brand new driveway.

Bright, eh?!

Colours in this one are a bit off since it was using flash and there is a lot of dust floating around.