Sunday, 10.10.2004

Slowly getting there.

Two rooms pretty much completed, or as far as we can do for now anyway. The workroom is fully wallpapered now along with the fireplace room (that room always sounds much better in Finnish :-).

Saturday we finished wallpapering the workroom as well as finished painting the laundry. Also finished off the gibstopping in the heating room as well (nothing has been done there since the heat pump was installed). Today we masked off the fireplace and painted the back wall and then wallpapered the rest of the room and then gave the wall a second coat. That pretty makes it the closest room to being totally finished since it has flooring already as well.

The wood paneling for the ceilings in the laundry and bathrooms, and also the sauna walls arrived on Friday and we had to move all that inside. The second bathroom is has tiled walls as well now and the flooring in the sauna has been started too. The tile guys will be back on Monday to finish off the flooring and some other work in the bathrooms. Once the bathrooms are done they probably start on the wooden floors. They said when they do start that it will take only two days to lay all the flooring.

Not so many pictures this time, but a wide shot of the fireplace room. And winter isn’t far away now either… it was 0 deg when we left for the apartment this evening and it is snowing in Lapland.

Not a spot of paint on the fireplace!

No cleaning leaves till next year!   Would make a nice desktop image :-)