Monday, 04.10.2004

Been too busy to put much here lately, but things are coming together slowly. Hopefully not too slowly because we are going to move within a couple of weeks!

Where to start? The tile work is still going on, with the saunas bathroom walls tiled already. The other bathroom has been sealed, but not yet tiled. The remaining brickwork has been cleaned up in the laundry and will be tiled soon. The fireplace room walls have been plastered and sanded and need a coat of undercoat next. The wood flooring has arrived as well, a few days early as well. But that can’t go down yet until the concrete is fully dry. Although determining when that will be is a bit difficult because the moisture sensors being used are detecting the water in the floor heating pipes instead :-(.

The heating system is running full time now and generating hot water. The floor heating is running on low heat with the heat being turned up slowly. The ventilation duct outside beside the back porch will be moved around the side of the house to lower the noise level and the hole used to make an air duct into the storage room. That will be done when the ventilation guys come back to finish all the roof vents, etc.

The main ceiling has been painted now, which only leaves the fireplace room and main bedroom ceilings to be finished. The kitchen has been fully painted and the pantry only needs another coat. The laundry has been partly painted. The main entrance has been painted and wallpapered and the living room is about two thirds wallpapered last weekend. Hopefully this week it will be possible to finish wallpapering one or two of the other rooms.

The joinery arrived just after the last entry and completely filled the main bedroom. The framework of the kitchen and laundry joinery was already assembled. Since then the stone bench tops were delivered as well as the main kitchen appliances. So that makes all major deliveries completed now. The installation of the kitchen joinery is being done now. Most of the joinery framework in the kitchen is installed and the bench tops should be going in very soon. Probably we will put the doors on ourselves.

The framework for the ceilings in the bathrooms, sauna, and laundry has been done and we are waiting on the wooden paneling for those to arrive. The interior and seating in the sauna is still to be done as well.

Next on the list of things to do ourselves is to finish the wallpapering in the living room, finish the two smaller bedrooms (gym, work room), paint the fireplace room (undercoat) and then paint/wallpaper that, and finally paint the laundry.

Now, a few pictures from the last few weeks.

Newly arrived joinery, the ceiling in the living room, kitchen, and another of the kitchen, the living room with brand new toilets, and the wooden flooring ready for installation.

Wonder where that all goes?!?!   Ow, my aching neck...   Hope it all fits.   Really hope it all fits.   Shiney white fresh toilets... two of them!   Wooden flooring

Shiney white bathroom.