Friday, 22.10.2004

Moving day tomorrow! And everyone turned up today to finish off their work. Major panic all round :-).

Not that everything is finished though, but it all works enough for us to move in. Only major things left to do are to finish the kitchen (a cupboard missing and the oven not yet in place), finish off the skirting boards and around the windows, do the sauna, and finally complete the electrical work.

Tomorrow morning while we are packing up the moving truck some of the guys will be there finishing off the skirting boards and the electrictian will be there installing the oven and the other bits. Generally I guess it will be another week before everything is basically finished. Although for us there will be several weeks of fixing stuff and arranging everything.

Today we took a day off work and moved more stuff to the house and then spent the afternoon and part of the evening cleaning it all up. Everything still needs a wash and there is plenty of dust hiding everywhere, but it is ready for the larger furniture now.

Some photos of how it is all shaping up.

The good bits…

Hallway from living room (finished), hallway (finished cupboards), bedroom (finished cupboards), and bedroom again (finished cupboards), main entrance (fnished cupboards), kitchen (fridge, etc all working).


The not so good bits…

Kitchen (no oven, no cupboard over bar unit), kitchen again (cupboards not finished), main entrance (window not finished), bathroom (needs scrubbed), fireplace room (eeekkkk!)