Thursday, 02.09.2004

A week of firsts.

Half the interior is undercoated now and the rest is almost all gib-stopped./jointed. The lounge needs a second going over, the laundry needs sanded and painted and the fireplace room is about half done. Slow work and the ceilings are a bit painful, but it should all be done by the weekend, which is good, because we start work again :-(.

The ventilation guys turned up this week and installed the ducts for the air-exchange heat pump. Not everything is in place yet, but most of it is done. They will be back next week to finish the duct work. The electrician was also at the house today and connected up the heat-pump and the water pump. He even tested the water pump for a while and got some water through! So first water from our well today! The next step is for the plumber to turn on the heat-pump, pressurize everything, and start the floor heating. I probably forgot to mention last time that they had connected up all the water works and the well pressure tank, etc. The amount of pipes looks a bit scarey!

We got the go-ahead to light the fire as well this week, so we have been making small fires during the day to dry out the brickwork in the fireplace. Probably takes a while yet before we can get it going properly.

Had to change our choice of wooden floor (parquet) as well. The basic type stays the same, white oiled oak, but the company we choose first can’t supply any for a month, which doesn’t help us much. Hopefully this one can supply it in the next couple of weeks. Work on leveling and cleaning the concrete floor should in the next few days and also the sealing of the water areas (bathrooms, etc).

Some pictures of the last week:

The interior so far.

White everywhere!

Our first fire, water/heating pipes and pressure tank, heat pump and a collection of ventilation pipes.

Now all we need are some sausages   Hopefully nothing leaks!   Warm air in, hot water out...   Shiney pipes   Double ducts in the bathroom.