Thursday, 26.08.2004

Another week or so and more stuff done, and some not…

The electrical cables are in place in the interior brick walls now and the plasterer will be coming in the next week to finish all the walls (hopefully). The storage room is finished now (apart from final electrical stuff) and we have moved all the building materials, etc into there already. Bestest bud from a looooong time back, Andrew, paid a flying visit from the UK (for our trip to Estonia) and helped us move stuff as well (wasn’t that nice of him :-). Not enough time to get him doing anything dirty though :-(. In the last few days we have managed to gib-stop and undercoat two rooms (work room and gym). Entrance way is gib-stopped, although that will need another going over.

Also had to cut a hole in the technical room ceiling for the ventilation pipes to the heat pump, but haven’t seen the plumbing/ventilation guy all week, even though the hole had to be ready for last Monday… Plan for the next week is to kick some butt and to gib-stop and paint like crazy!

Pictures for the last week or so:

Visit from Andrew and our new storage room.

Andrew - what a dude :-)   Terrible paint smell!

Newly finished exterior with window frames done, roof flashing in place, car-port and ceiling done, porch posts and window/door frames done, door steps covered, and our well pipe installed.

Room with a view...   Shame about the bees nest under there :-)   Somewhere to park the car, eventually.   Car park, take two.   Someone is going to trip over that...   Gotta flatten that sometime :-(

And for the foreigners :-), our triple glazed windows (two interior, one exterior) with integrated blinds.

For keeping the heat in!