Monday, 16.08.2004

Been so busy with the house haven’t had time to put anything here for a while.

Quite a bit happened in the last couple of weeks though and is still going on…

  1. All the interior walls are up
  2. Fireplace/chimney are finished
  3. Attic stairs are in place
  4. Filled the hole in the floor “technical” room and gib-stopped, painted the area where the heatpump and water tank will go
  5. Gib-stopped and painted the storage room completely and now moving stuff there (skirting boards still to do)
  6. Gib-stopped the work room ready for painting
  7. Installation of the heatpump is going on now
  8. All the flashing on the roof and around the windows/bottom of the doors is done now
  9. All the remaining work around the outside of the house by the house company is done
  10. Cabling channels in the brick walls are being cut now
  11. Lea and Risto visited during the weekend and helped clean everything up and generally did lots of other work including helping to repair the roofing around the chimney ready for the flashing.

So much happened that I have probably forgotten something as well, but anyway, some pictures from the last two weeks.

Sanding the storage room, the carport being lined, the technical room floor, window and door frames going up, the new chimney.

Sanding the storage room   Car port almost done, with a ceiling and all...   Nice shiny floor in the technical room didn't stay that way for long   Window and door frames going up   Brand new chimney

The bathroom walls finished, Risto fixing the tiles around the chimney, repaired tiles, getting a bit dusty in the work room.

Bathroom walls up   Risto repairing the roof tiles around the chimney   Tiles repaired ready for the flashing   Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it :-)

View from up top last Saturday.

The view from the top

Just realised that I haven’t taken any pictures of the finished exterior. Have to do something about that soon!