Monday, 02.08.2004

Triple “grrrrrr” day today!

“Grrr” number 1. The ceiling in the laundry has been covered with gibboard (gyproc) already, but the plumbing/heating guy came back from holiday end of last week and told us today that there are still ventilation pipes to go in the ceiling and it should have a false, lower, ceiling like the bathroom and sauna. Not that anyone mentioned that to us, especially since we don’t have a copy of the ventilation plans.

“Grrr” number 2. The bricks that we have been waiting on for a week and a half still hadn’t arrived on Saturday. We haven’t had to deal directly with the place that usually delivers the building materials, but Pia managed to find their number and called them today. They said that even though a couple of weeks ago they had been asked about availability, no-one had actually ordered anything!!! And then we found out that their delivery fee is 130 EUR! The amount of bricks we need is barely more than that!

“Grrr” number 3. Included with the bricks was supposed to be a bag of premixed quick setting cement so that we could fill in the hole around the drain where the heat pump will sit. We wasted an entire week waiting for the bag to turn up with the bricks when we could have gone to the shop and picked it up ourselves!

Needless to say the blood pressure levels were a bit high today. I’m sure someone will get a few choice words sometime soon…

But anyway, number 2 and 3 are taken care of. Pia arranged delivery of the bricks from a nearby hardware store and at the same time we picked up the bag of cement mix. The drain is already filled and according to the label should be set by tomorrow night, or at worst Wednesday.

On a slightly less aggravating subject we have started to gib-stop several of the rooms, especially the storage room and the work room. Next will be to finish sanding the storage room and also do the “technical room” ready for the heat pump to be installed. The floor in both those rooms need painted with concrete paint as well. With any luck both those will be done by the end of the week.

Some recent pictures. Putting the gibboard on the ceiling is much easier with the right tools. Our newly gib-stopped work room, and the set of stairs to get to the attic. The stairs were installed on Saturday already.

Right tools make life easier!   Putty, putty, everywhere.   Now all we need is an attic.