Wednesday, 28.07.2004

Things still going on, if a bit slowly at times. The remaining bricks have been ordered, but have still to arrive (if they aren’t already there today). The rest of the interior walls are close to finished though and some of the ceiling is in place now.

We got a rubbish skip last week, and in preparation for the rest of the landscaping work we tidied up most of the front yard during the weekend and got rid of a lot of the stuff that had piled up. A couple of before and after shots below. There has been so much rain this summer that the ground is pretty soft, so if the contractor doing the landscaping can’t come right away to do that hopefully they can make it in the next week or so to dig the trench for the pipe to the well. The mound of dirt at the back of the house that they created when they dug the foundations has been taken over by wild flowers, so it is probably a bit of a shame when they bulldoze it all flat.

The electricity work is going on still as well. The electrical cabinet in the yard has been moved and the house cabling connected up. I’m not sure if the house is actually live yet, but it can’t be far off.

On a “grrrr” subject it turns out the house company doesn’t do the flashing around the windows. We wondered why they didn’t come and finish the outside work, but after a couple of calls by Pia it turns out they had been there a couple of weeks ago, but when they noticed the flashing wasn’t done they went away again. Of course they didn’t bother to tell us that, or the fact that they can’t finish the exterior walls until that is done. Double grrrrrrrr! That little details seems to be missing from their contract papers as well.

Wildflowers in the back yard.   Wild flowers.

Entrance way has a ceiling!   Bathroom and main bedroom. Just a few more bricks needed...   Ceiling in the living room.

Front yard before.

Front yard after.