Tuesday, 20.07.2004

Visited the section yesterday and finished digging around the electricity box in the yard. It is in the wrong place, too close to the house. In the current position it won’t be possible to get a truck around the back to empty the sewage tank. Of course when we installed it we didn’t know exactly where the house went. The electricity should be connected to the house very soon, so it is a good time to move it. Needless to say the digging up the cable and the box wasn’t much fun. The hole was partly filled before winter to stop the box flooding and the clods of grass in the dirt have rotted in the mean time with all the water sitting there. So the ground around the box and in the trench was an interesting sort of mud that had an odour curiously like the wrong end of a cow… Anyway, now that the box is freed of the ground the electrician is going to see if he can move it a bit further away.

On a less smelly topic the brickwork around the sauna is basically finished and the other bathroom is still ongoing, although we need to order more bricks to finish that. We also need some wood for the final interior walls, hopefully we can pick that up tomorrow.

The electrician was back yesterday as well (as seen by the bill that arrived today – I don’t know if they actually send those before they visit…). They have put some fittings in the ceiling to accommodate the halogen lights. The electrical fuse box is in place as well.

The state of the interior on Monday.

Interior on Monday, sauna walls up.

From the left, lots of smelly mud, fittings for halogen lights, our new fuse box, the start of the second bathroom.

Smelly mud.   Fittings to halogen lights.   More power!   Start on the second bathroom.