Wednesday, 29.06.2004

Busy nearly every day this week.

Since the house is lockable we emptied out the hut on Monday and gave it a bit of a clean. Everything is now in the house and Pia called the rental place for them to take it away (it disappeared during Wednesday). Tuesday were back there again and finished rearranging the stuff from the hut, cleaned up some of the mess blocking the hut in, and talked with our builder, Tapio.

Today we talked with the water/air conditioning guys about the work coming up and what needs to be done and what taps, etc we need. Then tomorrow the kitchen, laundry fittings and cupboards are going to get their measurements done. So that only leaves Friday free!

The interior walls are coming along as well and all the wood ones are nearly finished, just a couple of small parts to go. The rest of the walls will be brick, mainly around the bathrooms and sauna. The guy doing the fireplace is supposed to arrive there Thursday as well. So if everything is clear for him I guess he starts straight away installing that.

A few pictures during this week. Our empty hut, nice shiny new front door, and inspecting the work 🙂

Clean, like the day it arrived... almost.   .Shiney white door. Bet it doesn't last.   Keeping an eye on things :-)

The state of the interior on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Walls going up.

The entrance and kitchen.