Tuesday, 08.06.2004

Another day, more problems.

The guy who was supposed to lay the floor today decided that he didn’t really want to do it after all. Grrrrr. Olavi (our rakennusmestari/building engineer) managed to eventually find someone else who can do it, but they don’t have time until next week. Double grrrrr.

As I mentioned last time, the reinforcing had gone down. That was laid on top of the water pipes, electricity conduits and polystyrene. Just after that the floor heating hoses were put in place and tied to the reinforcing. The rest of the reinforcing has been put in place on the front porch as well and the last of the boxing made. So now it is all just waiting on the concrete floor. Once that goes in the interior walls will be done. Which brings us to another story. Because of the delays the house company didn’t want to complete the interior walls (their builders are busy for summer now), so they wanted us to find our own builder for it. Luckily enough Olavi had found one already and he can do the walls and gibboard. Of course we have just paid the bill for the house (or the bank did), so now the house company owes us some money back.

Looking further ahead, once the floor is done the walls will start to go up within the next two days. Then all the interior measurements are finalised for the kitchen and all other cupboards. And in July the earth moving contractors come back and flatten out the yard and do the trench for the water pipe to the well.

Have been a bit slack for the last few weeks, so here are a whole bunch of pictures starting with a few panoramas. Front yard/driveway, back yard (from north east to west, section continues down the middle), and the floor ready for the concrete.

Front yard and driveway

Back yard. Section runs down the centre of the picture.

Floor complete with all the pipes/conduits and other stuff.

Floor heating distribution (probably anyway)   Gotta watch that step going in the front door.   Same around the back.  I think he lost a few toes...

Floor heating distribution point, reinforcing on the front porch, back wall covered in plastic to stop the concrete splashes, and a visitor we found hiding in the yard.