Transit of Venus

The big day for the twice-in-a-lifetime-event of the transit of Venus and the weather sucked. Overcast with altostratus all day and broken stratocumulus below that. Not the best weather for trying to see the sun.

For about a whole four minutes late morning (mid-transit) the cloud thinned a bit and luckily I happened to notice it in time.

A bit of welding glass and handheld 10x zoom on the Olympus digital camera results in this…

Original and untouched. Shame about the cloud.  Its a spot!

Camera was on automatic and the image is reduced 50% from original size. The first image is the original unenhanced. The second one has been changed to black and white, sharpened, and the contrast adjusted. It was visible to the naked eye through the welding glass as well, but the layer of cloud in the way made the view pretty blurry.