Thursday, 24.06.2004

Took a while to recover from moving all that stuff last weekend, but we seem to be getting there.

Not so much required of us this week, but things are moving on. The new front door arrived today and they took away the old one that was the wrong size. During the week our builder finished lining the inside of most of the main walls and has started on the interior walls. He also finished installing all the doors and locks today. So now we can lock the house. That also means we can get rid of the hut we rented so many months ago and is costing a small fortune each month.

Visited the house today and took a few pictures. A couple of the rooms are marked out and the main entrance framing is partly done. Must say that those rooms are looking a bit small though :-).

Tuesday, cleaning up and the wall lining in place


Thursday, all doors up and the framing started around the main entrance.