Sunday, 20.06.2004

The end of another busy weekend.

Saturday the floor was hard already and the builder was there putting in the rest of the wall insulation. First thing was to remove the plastic sheeting off the floor. While we were doing that Olavi arrived and gave us a list of things to do :-(. The main thing was to move all the bricks and fireplace inside. The bricks were on 23 small pallets and the fireplace on three large ones. By about 6.30pm we had managed to move all but three pallets of bricks inside and could hardly bend over.

Seems the section is turning into a real menagerie. So far we have seen – besides all the birds – rabbits, mooses (indirectly :-), frogs, lizards and while moving the bricks Pia found a mouse nest :-). I’m not sure who got the biggest fright, Pia or the mice. We covered it up again and on Sunday the nest was empty, including the babies. So obviously they decided there was somewhere better to live than under a pallet.

Sunday it was more carrying again. We moved the remaining three pallets of bricks and shifted the fireplace inside. I’m sure we will regret that tomorrow though. It was veeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyy heavy!!!

While we were sweating over that the builder was putting some of the gibboard sheeting on the walls. He also put a couple of the doors in place. We were hoping that all the doors would be in quite soon, but it turns out that the front door is the wrong size. The house plans say 100cm, the packing sheet for the exterior doors says 100cm, but the door they delivered is 90cm… grrrrr.

Thursday or Friday last week the electrician had been there as well, most of the cabling and socket mountings had been fitted to the walls. The rest will have to be done when the interior walls are up, probably later this week or next.

Some pictures from Saturday: Our mouse nest, starting on our brick pile, and the electrical fittings.

Three blind mice, see how they run...   Hi ho, hi ho, off to work we go...   I hope there is enough power there for the computer.

Sunday: Finished moving everything, our first door, and our first complete wall.

Finished at last.   We have a door!   And walls too!